Yücel Kültür Vakfı Foreign Language Scholarships

About Scholarship

Application Date: Every day of the year

Announcement Date: October 1st, 2021 and April 1st 2022

How does it work?

Thanks to the cooperation between language shools and YCF, students who are entitled to a foreign language scholarship receive a portion of their course fee as form of a scholarship from YCF. Successful completion of a level will result with the continuation of support for the next level.

In order to receive the scholarship, you are required to apply during the application period as explained on this page. After the applications have been submitted, the selection committee analyzes and selects the applicants in accordance with the scholarship quota. After notification by YCF, selected candidates choose the linguistic institutes they wish to attend and inform YCF of their choice, register, and start following classes.

Students are required to attend at least 60% of the classes. Failure to follow this obligation will result in termination of the scholarship. Abstention due to medical reasons is not part of the above obligation.

Please check the article (11.e) in scholarship regulation!

Who Can Apply?

It is not required to be a university student in order to apply for this scholarship. Everyone between the ages of 18 – 26 are eligible.

Once a candidate is selected for the scholarship, he/she can continue until the desired level with the condition that he/she fulfills the minimum required grade at the end of each level. Students can not change the assigned foreign language. In this sense, foreign language scholarships are not accorded on a yearly basis or on a specific level.

How to Apply?

In order to apply, go to https://www.bursverenler.org/ website and become a member by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Next, click on "apply for scholarship" button, select "Foreign Language" option and "devam/continue". Fill the application form completely.

After completing the application, select "Form completed" and "Continue". Go to "Payment" screen and pay the application fee as required.

Only one application can be made. Duplicate applications will not be taken into consideration and will reduce your chance of approval.

Required Documents Upon Approval of Scholarship:

1. Written contract (must have wet signature with a recent photo)
2. Photocopy of identity card or passport
3. Current official residence certificate of applicant.
4. Family certificate of applicant (indicating parents and siblings)

What Should Applicants in the Waiting List Do?

The master list and the waiting list are announced on the website. Applicants in the master list have 3 months to send the documents and choose the institution to receive education. When due date is past, the rights are transferred to the first applicant in the waiting list. Applicants in the waiting list can track their updated statuses from this list.

How Much Is the Amount of Foreign Language Scholarship, How and When Is It Paid?

Foreign Language Scholarship is 700.-TL for each level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) in 2021-22. This amount is paid to the educational institution directly, at the end of each term against invoice.

The price, charged by the institution above this amount is paid by the scholar. If the student reaches the next level with a success rate %80, or above, the Foundation enhances the scholarship amount and pays 850.-TL. That is how, the student is encouraged to succeed.

Can the Educational Institution Sign a Contract Agreement with Yücel Cultural Foundation?

Educational institutions can sign a contract with Yücel Cultural Foundation in order to guarantee the payment for the student at the end of each term.

The institution is expected to provide the following documents for each student at the end of the term:

1. Attendance and degree of success report for the student.
2. Record of payment and information on whether the student intends to attend the next level or not.
a. Example of contract
b. Example of attendance and success report

Information on İngiliz Kültür Language School
(For students planning to attend İngiliz Kültür Language school, basic information on their rules and procedures are below. İngiliz Kültür Language School branches at different locations may have varying rules and prices.)

The following information is taken from the contract for İngiliz Kültür Language School, Nişantaşı-Istanbul branch.

- Scholarship students are welcomed to attend İngiliz Kültür Language School, Nişantaşı branch.
- Scholarship students are free to attend any language program that they wish. For English, the only available program is general English.
- Instruction is equivalent to other general English programs offered by the school and in line with European Language Portfolio.
- Instruction is 80 hours for elementary level, 100-120 hours for A1 A2 and B1 levels and 100 hours for B2 and C1 levels.
- Classes will consist of 6-15 students. Required percentage of foreign instructors at A1, A2 and B1 levels and B2-C1 levels are 25% and 50% respectively.
- Scholarship students can take one hour of private tutoring per week free of charge, six days of the week.
- In addition to classes, students can attend Conversation Club sessions free of charge.
- In addition to classes, students can attend Vocabulary and Writing Club sessions free of charge.
- In addition to classes, students can attend Phonetics Classes free of charge.
- Starting at level A1, students can enter Mykelime internet site using Elite membership for additional language education support.
- Students will get all the books and other educational materials for classes free of charge.
- Students can take free and limitless personal development programs such as Latin dancing, elocution and diction.
- Instructors for the language classes are required to have at least one of the RSA, CELTA, DELTA,TRINITY and TESOL certificates.
- Students can utilize Ingiliz Kultur Dernegi's Library by submitting a deposit of 20.-TL.
- Failing students with a class attendance rate of 95% may repeat the same class free of charge.
- Successful students receive Ingiliz Kultur Dernegi's Language School certificate by registering their ID or passport numbers in the system.
- YKV will pay 700.-TL to scholarship students for each of the A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 levels. Any amount above will be paid by the student. Students with a success rate of 80% and above will pay 150.-TL less for the next level upon request.

Information on Fransız Kultur Language School

- Scholarship students may choose to attend Fransız Kultur Language School in Istanbul.
- After taking a proficiency exam, students can attend any level of the General French classes.
- Classes will consist of 8-18 students.
- All the instructors for the French language classes have pedagogical proficiency.
- Education program includes proficiency exam and pedagogical support.
- Successful students receive Fransız Kultur Dernegi's Language School certificate.
- Students have unlimited and free access to Fransız Kultur Dernegi's Library for one year.
- Students are required to pay for and provide books for classes.
- Each language level has 50 hour sub-sections.
Preliminary A1 (A1.1 / 50hrs and A1.2 / 50 hrs) level is 100 hrs.
Advanced Preliminary A2 (A2.1 / 50hrs and A2.2 / 50 hrs) level is 100 hrs.
Mid-Level B1 (B1.1/ 50hrs, B1.2/ 50 hrs and B1.3/ 50 hrs) level is 150 hrs.
Advanced Mid-Level B2 (B2.1/ 50hrs, B2.2/ 50 hrs B2.3/ 50 hrs and B2.4/50 hrs) level is 200 hrs.
Experienced C1 (C1.1/ 50 hrs, C1.2/ 50 hrs, C1.3/ 50 hrs and C1.4/ 50 hrs) level is 200 hrs.
Advanced Experienced C2(C2.1/ 50 hrs, C2.2/ 50 hrs, C2.3/ 50 hrs and C2.4/ 50 hrs) level is 200 hrs.
- Tuition for each 50 hour level is 795.-TL for weekdays and 873,75.-TL for weekends.

The Foundation will pay 700.-TL per level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). The remaining amount will be paid by the student. Students with a success rate of 80% and above will be paid an additional 150.-TL for attending the next level.

Please visit Fransız Kültür Merkezi's website for further information.

Choosing Language Schools

Students who are awarded language scholarships from outside of Istanbul may choose to any language school they wish. Attending British Culture and Fransız Kultur language schools (explained above) are not mandatory. However, tuition amounts paid by YKV are predetermined every year by the board and any amount above will be paid for by the student.

Language School Donations

Donors can choose to support language school students if they wish by accessing our website and make a donation using a credit card. All of their donation will be used for language school scholarships.

Applications for Foreign Language Scholarship are valid for one full year. The scholar is chosen between active applications, if the quota is upgraded, within the year.