Are All the Documents Required?

Certainly not. However, you can increase your chances of winning a scholarship by applying to more than one scholarship provider institution. Some institutions can ask for documents after pre-approval, and some of them evaluate you based on your documents. We recommend that you upload all the documents that you already have. If you have certificates, medals, cups, etc., upload their photos as well. Remember that finding a scholarship is a race.

Which Documents Are Required and Where Can I Find Them?

Documents received from the e-government are accepted by many scholarship providers. However, some scholarship institutions may ask for original documents issued by official institutions. You can get the following documents using your citizenship number (T.C), ID number and e-government password you have received from PTT. (

How Can I Get Employment or Unemployment Information on My Parents?

If the family members are working in an institution, they have to apply with the payroll documents which can be obtained from the institution they are working for. If they are not working as an insured employee in an institution, you will have to obtain a copy of the SSI Service record by entering the parent's E-government password in order to prove that they are unemployed.

During the registration of my secondary education I gave my graduation certificate to the school and I do not remember my grades. Where can I find the documents regarding this information?

Information on graduation can be obtained from the E-government portal of the E-Services department and from the Lise Graduation Certificate Inquiry section under the Ministry of National Education as well as LYS results document from the ÖSYM page.

We live in a rented house and have a verbal agreement with our landlord instead of a written contract. We pay our rent through a bank. Is a bank receipt accepted instead of a rental agreement?

Yes, if the the amount in the statement or receipt is indicated that it is for rent, it will be sufficient. Just send in the bank receipt or account transaction statement with the relevant area marked as such.

We encounter similar situations.You can also get information from the Department of Land Registry and Cadastre, which is located in the e-services section of the e-government portal. You can get the output of the relevant page by logging in with the e-government password of your parents which will indicate that they do not own a house.