bursverenler.org was established with the cooperation of not-for-profit Non Governmental Organizations (NGO's) and charitable minded entrepreneurs in order to equal and ongoing access to education. bursverenler.org is registered with the Turkish Government as an authorized not for profit organization with a history ofmore than 50 years of granting scholarships.

We have three main purposes:

1. Providing easy access to scholarship opportunities to as many students as possible,

2. Creating a resource which allows individual donors and organizations to match with individuals seeking scholarships,

3. Increasing public awareness off the need for financial donations to support students and schools and ultimately our broader society.

Ease of Application: Students applying to multiple schools need only submit their application and documentation to us one time. Simply check the box next to the institutions registered on our web site and we will ensure that the correct school receives your scholarship money. This process saves students time and money by eliminating the need to seek and provide documentation, as well as mailing costs to multiple schools. All required documents can simply be sent to us electronically one time on our site and allowing us to forward them to the required schools. 

Easy Evaluation Process and Communication: Schools and institutions can easily and fairly evaluate the scholarship candidates using our exclusive software. It will help both students and donors to follow the entire process closely and online by providing them with tools such as application evaluations, announcing results of applications, invitations for interviews, sending e-mail directly to students etc.

In case of a denial, students can easily reapply for scholarships for subsequent periods using their retained information which they can easily update. Some providers have a certain deadline for scholarship applications which www.bursverenler.org will track and update. bursverenler.org will submit applications at the appropriate time on the student's behalf, usually on the first day applications are being accepted, thereby eliminating the possibility of missing deadlines.

Supplying Donors for Scholarship Providers: Individual donors can examine all the available scholarship providers on www.bursverenler.org website including their requirements and other details all in one area and send their contributions directly to their preferred provider. For security reasons, individual donors are prohibited from sending contributions directly to students.

Who Can Use This Platform?

a. Individuals who seek scholarships both in Turkey and abroad.
b. Individuals, foundations, associations, scholars trade unions, educational institutions, chambers of commerce, businesses and others, can use this platform for free.