www.bursverenler.org is an Intermediary Service Provider that brings together individuals and institutions who wish to provide scholarships with natural persons who wish to obtain scholarships through their own domain name and website. This platform is powered by a group of  foundations, individuals and companies that provide scholarships, beside Yucel Cultur Foundation, which established in 1969 .

The Intermediary Service Provider, in accordance with the relevant legislation, is not responsible for controlling any content provided by real, legal persons, institutions and organizations (hereinafter referred to as ca Users / Users sites) through the website www.bursverenler.org or whether it is an illegal activity or situtation related to the service.


Unsolicited Content: www.bursverenler.org undertakes the utmost care and effort to remove unwanted content from users within 48 hours at the latest after the written notice. The Intermediary Service Provider will promptly notify users in writing of any unwanted content immediately and then have the right to unload the content. The users of www.bursverenler.org have accepted the authority of the intermediary service team as a whole. Employees of www.bursverenler.org will conduct a neutral and well-intentioned content audit if such situations occur.


Inappropriate and Unlawful Content: www.bursverenler.org website users accept and undertake not to do any action contrary to the raison d'etre, insult unlawfully, carry pornographic elements to disrupt public safety, constitutional regime and against the state, personality or intellectual in nature, violate the property rights of the Republic of Turkey laws and not to send any charged and unsolicited e-mails referred to as SPAM and not to use this website platform for these purposes. Such law, morality and other inappropriate content shall not be permitted under any circumstances. Otherwise, due to these and similar actions, www.bursverenler.org executives will remove the content in question as soon as possible, and all liability arising from the choice of access restrictions shall belong to the party who act against this law.


Defamation / Libel: www.bursverenler.org website users will not take any action which is lawful, defamatory for another person or institution, against the constitutional regime or state, violating personality or intellectual property and which is constituted as crime within the famework of Turkish Republic Law. Due to this and similar actions, the management of www.bursverenler.org will remove the content in question as soon as possible after the determination of the insults contained in such statements, and all liability arising from the choice of access restrictions shall belong to the party who act against this law.


Discontinuation and Abuse of Services: The accounts of people who make any attempt to make the website unusable through the security gaps in www.bursverenler.org, unauthorized use of the services provided by www.bursverenler.org, any behavior which intentionally or negligently affect the system in negative way or creating programs showing such behaviors, will be deleted immediately ıf there is such an existing account. www.bursverenler.org website reserves all criminal and civil rights in case there is a cyber attack intentionally or negligently against the website services. scholarship applications are kept for a period of 360 days. Applications of those whose applications do not result in scholarship during this period will be deleted. However, they can apply for the same scholarship again. Completed application forms are kept continuously and scholarship or credit seekers can update the form information free of charge.All information provided by the user in applications for scholarship or credit can be processed, shared and made public for these two purposes.Bursverenler.org cannot be held responsible for the partial or total reduction of the amount of scholarships and cancellation of scholarships by the granting persons and institutions.


Copyrights and Violations: www.bursverenler.org Website Users agree that all proprietary rights on, and use of, any Intellectual and Industrial rights in and on the Content are subject to the rights of reproduction, dissemination, processing, signaling, sound and / the rights and obligations of the producer, the producer and / or the performer, the personal rights of the image / sound / content owners, the subordinate employees, the related works or the rights holders or the professional associations to which they are affiliated. and in the appropriate manner and in writing to the health conditions laid down in Article 52'inc unrestricted and indefinitely, without recording any time, in Turkey and the above mentioned persons from all over the world, including all kinds of products / platforms / materials / organization / media, etc. accept and undertake that the responsibility of all the necessary entities to be paid to the Professional Unions due to the works and the rights they have acquired so as to be transferable to the third persons as they can be handed over to the third persons is their own responsibility and that these rights are in their own right, in advance, that they have the right to exercise their right, that they have no rights, financial or spiritual or commercial rights, directly or indirectly, on any such third person under any name or name. Copyright infringement is not allowed in the writings and other content on the www.bursverenler.org website. www.bursverenler.org website Users are assumed to receive the necessary permits from the required places while sharing information. In the event of copyright infringement, the part of the infringing content infringement will be deleted from the servers following the information of www.bursverenler.org and the verification of the infringement. www.bursverenler.org website Users are not entitled to any claims or appeals related to their deletion.


Legal Responsibility: Real, legal entity institutions and organizations that provide services through www.bursverenler.org website are all ideas, actions, texts, videos, photographs, slogans, pictures, cartoons, lines, words, songs that they disclose and upload in e-scholarship system , melody, comment, etc., or to use them, to spread them, to replicate them, to supply them with hope, to put them in trade positions, etc. rights and authorizations in the subject matter, otherwise they will be responsible for all kinds of follow-ups and requests for www.bursverenler.org users are notified against the official bodies, organizations, third parties as well as www.bursverenler.org by the nature and content of the material such as the action, text, video, photograph, slogan, picture, cartoon, line, are also responsible for their own. Users acknowledge, declare and confirm that they are legally authorized to use the system and that they assume all responsibilities and that there are no legal or criminal obstacles to using the system.


Violation of Terms of Use: www.bursverenler.org has the right to notify users and to take and use all legal remedies if the users find that they use the web site in contradiction with the above mentioned conditions. Users who intentionally or negligently violate one or more of the above items are legally responsible for the violation of the contract. In addition, due to this violation, www.bursverenler.org will be entitled to claim damages from the service users if they are referred to the court process because of the violation of the conditions stated in this Annex-1 document.


Protection of Personal Data, Information Security and Confidentiality: These Terms of Use www.bursverenler.org undertake to act in a manner that will protect the privacy of users who use the website in all matters covered by the privacy policy and to act in accordance with the privacy principles of the personal information. www.bursverenler.org has the right to register the IP addresses of the users connected to the system in connection with the website date, time and the address and / or pages requested from the system. This information is both system security and key information in solving possible user problems and is not related to the personal information of the service users. Confirmation of the user's membership and confirmation of membership changes are made possible by the messages sent by e-mail. www.bursverenler.org and Yücel Cultural Foundation send members e-mail when necessary, provided that they do not exceed the limits determined by the conditions of use. Information is stored on amazon.com serves in USA and is protected by a security certificate.It is accepted that users under the age of 18 use the site with the permission of their guardians or apply by their guardians, and no guardian search is carried out by www.bursverenler.org

As a rule, personal information that users share is not disclosed. This situation may only be violated if there is a legal obligation and this violation will not be contrary to the law nor will it create a legal responsibility.


Refundability: All donations, application fees by cash or a credit card over the internet are non-refundable (partially or in full) since these funds are directly transferred to scholarship holders or activities organized for them.


Usage: www.bursverenler.org users automatically record and store information such as when the system is used for the use of services or the size and frequency of data transfers. This data may be shared with the third parties for legal requirements, safety and performance assessments and those making such assessments.


Options: Some profile information on the www.bursverenler.org scholarship system can be modified by users, senders, credit and scholarship plans can be rearranged or deleted entirely.


Competent Law and Tribunal: The Parties shall exert their best efforts to resolve disputes arising from the document in the Service Agreement and the Administrative Terms of Use. In the event of any dispute, the parties agree that the dispute shall be resolved by the Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices if the issue can not be resolved within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of notification in writing.


Important Note: Due to technical innovations and changes in applicable legislative framework, Web Site Membership Agreement and Terms of Use needs to be altered or updated on occasion. Therefore, it is requested to review Web Site Membership Agreement and Terms of Use, that can be found at this page, and pay regard to alterations and updates on the account, each time you visit.