There are priorities and selection criteria used by the institutions which provide scholarships. If you don't want to lose the scholarship after you have been entitled, you may have to follow a set of rules,

1. Read the scholarship regulations carefully.

2. The granting institution may request some documents from you at the end of the semester. (Such as transcripts)

3. Some institutions may want their students to volunteer and spend a certain amount of time with them during the week.

4. If there are timetables specified by the rules, make sure to follow them closely. (Such as sending a student certificate, re-applying,etc)

5. Pay close attention to conditions which may negatively affect your eligibility and result in losing the scholarship. (Such as absenteeism, failure, being penalized etc.)

6. In addition to following the guidelines specified, always be sincere and honest relations with institutions and people.

7. If there is a situation that may cause you to lose your entitlement (such as early termination of school, and no longer having a need for scholarship), you must notify the institution in a timely manner.