We would like to thank you for supporting the non-governmental organizations giving scholarships.
In addition, whether you or your company is providing scholarships to create opportunities for education is a great support to our future. Donation is the support of an idea that comes from supreme volunteerism and is believed without any coercion. We want to draw your attention to some issues so that your goodwill feelings are not exploited.

1. Is your organization sufficiently transparent? Is it safe?
2. Can you track where your donation is used?
3. Can you see the financial statements of the Authority?
4. Are you provided with retrospective information about your scholarship or donation?
5. Can you reach the managers and employees of the organization?
6. Is your information sufficiently secured (credit card, etc.)?
7. Does the organization have a website integrated with bank security systems? direct donations? or does the donation you make between 6% and 9% through intermediaries using another website go to the brokerage commission?
8. Does the institution thank you? Do you have certain privileges for your donation?

If the answer to all these questions is YES, you can give a scholarship or donate without hesitation.

Note: With the donation you make to the institutions through Bursverenler.org, you have received a service fee of 4% and minimized the service price in a way that no commercial institution can compete with. 4% are collected in a fund and returned to students as scholarships.