Application Form is the best way to express yourself to the person who will be granting the scholarship. Please fill out all the forms truthfully and with care. If your form has missing (empty) fields or filled out in a sloppy way, you might not be considered for that scholarship.

Before you start your application, please choose the kind of scholarships that you want to apply.

Help Videos: The form is made up of different sections. At the beginning of each section, you will find help videos on filling out that particular section. Watch the videos any time you are not sure.

Changes: You can access and modify your form, add or delete information and documents at any time. You can also apply for a scholarship that you have not applied before.

The profile section is composed of two parts. The first section consists of personal information and the second section, contact information. We can contact you using this data, so this section must be filled out carefully. You will not be able to change some of your data in the form, because some of those areas are checked and approved by the e-government.Please do not forget to add your photo.

Educational Status is made up of different sections and the relevant section is openned according to the scholarship preference you want to apply before starting to fill out the form. For foreign language scholarship applications, special ability (such as arts and sports), Other educational information (for non-formal education). For instance, a student looking for a scholarship for a Master's program will be required to fill out both a Bachelor's Degree and a Postgraduate Bachelor's Degree.

Names of the parents of the applicant must be written in primary school applications.

Family Status is a section which includes the basic structure of the family, economic situation, health and marital status. Some of these data areas automatically turn off for those family members who are deceased.

Social Situation, this section is the most important area that will affect your success of finding scholarships. Write in simple and plain Turkish. Avoid long and confusing sentences. You do not have to fill in all the fields but do your best to get ahead of your competitors.

Scholarship Information is where you can enter scholarships you have already received and information you think you should apply for. You may miss your chance of getting that scholarship if you enter false or misleading information.

Documents: You can upload documents by dragging or scanning your documents from this section. You can get more information about where you can get the documents from, paperwork menu under Applying on main page. Each document you upload should not exceed 5MB . You can upload in all image formats as well as PDF format.

Bank Details: You can enter your bank details in this section. Some scholarship providers prefer to work with particular banks and they may request that you open an account in that bank.

PDF printout: With the form you fill out, you can apply to individuals and institutions that are not within the body of with a free printout. In this printout, TC ID , Bank information and some private information about your family are hidden. Examine the PDF after you get it, if there is something you don't like, you can change your data unlimited number of times.You can update and get new outputs.