bursverenler.org was established with the cooperation of non-profit NGOs and charitable entrepreneurs for supporting education and sustainability within a framework of equal opportunity. bursverenler.org has over 50 years of experience in granting scholarships.

We have three main goals:

1. Providing easy-to-get scholarship opportunities to as many students as possible,

2. Creating a donation resource and getting support from individual donors to non-governmental organizations that provide scholarships,

3. Increasing the public awareness for donations and supportting the society with institutions and organizations

Applying made easy: We have planned to make all the applications through a single channel. Most of the information about a person such as name, ID number, information on parents etc. do not change over the years. Once this basic information has been entered by the student, it will stay in the database and he/she can apply for new scholarships in subsequent years without having to repeat the process. Students can also update the information such as success stories. certificates. awards, etc. over time, which will increase their chances for obtaining new scholarships. This process also saves students time and money by eliminating the need to seek and provide documentation, as well as cargo and mailing costs. They can easily send the required documents to the providers by simply scanning or taking pictures of the required documents and uploading them using our site.

Ease of communication with providers: www.bursverenler.org makes the scholarship selection process very simple for students by providing a single list of all the available programs, eliminating potential confusion and hesitation on the student's part. It will help both students and providers to follow the entire process closely and online by providing them with tools such as application evaluations, announcing results of applications, invitations for interviews, sending e-mail directly to students etc. In case of a denial, students can easily reapply for scholarships for subsequent periods. Some providers have a certain window for scholarship applications and www.bursverenler.org will track these dates. Bursverenler.org will submit the application at the appropriate time on the student's behalf, usually on the first day applications are being accepted, thereby eliminating the possibility of missing deadlines.

Supplies scholarship providers with donors: Individual donors can examine all the available scholarship providers on www.bursverenler.org website including their requirements and other details all in one area and send their contributions directly to their preferred provider. For safety reasons, individual donors are prohibited from direct contributions to students.


a. People who seek scholarships both at Turkey and abroad:
b. Foundations, associations, scholars and trademarks, educational institutions, chambers of commerce and industry, can use this platform for FREE.