TŞİV Scholarship for Offspring of Martrs and Veteran Soldiers

About Scholarship


The main prequisity for our scholar is for the applicants to be offsprings of martyrs or veteran soldier. Our objective is not giving scholar for a year and abandon the scholarship holder, but supporting all of them for their whole education life. Briefly, every student, who are under the umbrella of Turkish Martyrdom Reconstruction Foundation, have a new family until their education is completed.

Leading criteria for this scholarship is having an ataturkist family and a modern life. We will always be happy to stand by our student.


Article 5: Undermentioned conditions are required to qualify for the scholarship.

A- Candidates must be first degree relatives of a martyr or a veteran soldier, no matter they served domestic or abroad.

B- Candidates must not have committed  a disgraceful offense.

C- Candidates must be a student at an educational institution, at the time time of application; or hey must be going to start their education in the following year.

D- Candidates must be aged 26 or below, as from January 1st of the year of application.


Article 9: Rules of scholarship are presented below; without prejudice to the provisions of Article 5.

  • Scholarships are given based upon school year.
  • Scholarships are deposited to the bank account, opened in the name of the student. (For scholarship holders aged 18 or over.)
  • For children (aged below 18) scholarships are deposited to a joint account of the student and his/her custodian. Independent from the custodian is a parent or not. (Custody must be proven with documents.) Money order from PTT is used for places with no banks.
  • At the end of each school year, the scholarship is reevaluated according to academic standing of the student.
    Demands are collected in the beginning of the school year; with announcements made to relevant authorities, (recruiting offices etc.) evaluated and concluded in given period, declared by Scholarship Committee.
  • Course fees for preparing university admission tests can be paid by the foundation, if considered proper, for students, who succeeded in secondary education.
  • Scholarships are not given for attending courses and distance education.
  • Amount of scholarships and number of entitled scholarship students are reevaluated in the beginning of every education year, by Education Committee, pursuant to financial capability of the foundation, and proposals are submitted for the approval of the board of management.
  • Applicants, who are students at the time of application, must introduce their academic standing for their last education year to the Scholarship Committee.


  • 1 photograph
  • Document showing financial standing
  • Salary rolls of contributors in the family income. (Copy of tax board, if the contributor is a job owner.)
  • Certificate of identity, featuring information of all family members.
  • Student certificates of siblings, that study.
  • Student certificate from registered school.
  • Criminal record
  • Document showing that the father is a martyr or a veteran soldier.
  • Copy of the birth certificate
  • Certificate of residence (Certificate must be received in last 3 months.)
  • Document showing that the applicant is studying on a scholarship, if he/she studies in a private school.
  • Bank account number of the student, or joint account number of the student and his/her custodian. (IBAN number is also needed.)