If you want to honor or embalm the name of your beloved ones, create a donation in their name.
e.g.: "Ahmet Güneş Art Scholarship"
Create a scholarship on your brand name to gain reputation for your trade mark and enhance its recognition level.
e.g.: " ******* Company Textile Design Scholarship"

Things you should do: (You can create your own scholarship for minimum 24.000.-TL per year.)
1. Decide how many students to give scholarship.
2. Choose the level of education, you want to contribute. (primary school, university, postgraduate etc.)
3. Do you want to give scholarship for a specific area? (art, sports, architecture, medical etc.)
4. Who can apply for your scholarship? (children of martyrs, disabled, students at a specific area or anybody)
5. Determine your primary selection criterias. (orphans, very successful ones, students studying abroad etc.)
6. Name your scholarship. (It should be perceptible.)
7. Contact with bursverenler.org.
8. Make your annual payment.
9. Procure the images, to be published.
10. Sign the necessary papers.
11. Determine the deadline and the date of declaration.
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Liabilities of bursverenler.org
1. A donation screen is prepared with the name you determined.
2. The scholarship and its specialties are publicized and promoted via social media.
3. A user name and password are assigned for you to choose your scholars.
4. Document tracking of scholars are done, and information is provided for you.
5. Bank receipts are shared with you, as money is deposited into accounts of scholars.

NOTE: All the money you paid is tranferred to scholars without a reduct.