Companies can increase their social responsibility and trademark value by providing scholarships in their brand names. Contributions for the education of society and young people has always had a positive impact on brand prestige and reliability.

Individual donors can contribute to the education of at least 10 students, Scholarships can be in their own name, or in memory of a person they prefer. We all want young people of our society to receive the best education available. If you want to make sure that your contributions reach the right people, one way of doing that is to set up and manage a foundation yourself, which is a major hassle. By contributing to YKV, you will be avoiding this step.


1. Can I contribute to the education of young people at any level?

You can give scholarships at any level such as primary and secondary education, university, master's or PhD. Additionally, you can design special-purpose scholarships in sports or arts. Feel free to set up any kind of scholarship programs to support the development of young people in formal or informal education.

2. Can I choose who I am going to give scholarships to?

Of course. In 2022, 279,000 young students needing a scholarship in need became members of You can choose students who meet the criteria ,you want within the framework of your preferences and personal data protection law.

3. Is there a minimum limit for building a scholarship on our behalf?

Yes. The minimum amount is 750.-TL per student per month, and we offer this opportunity to those who are committed to support at least 10 students as individuals and institutions. 750.-TL / month X 12 months = 9000.-TL (for each student), For 10 students, an annual minimum amount of 90.000.-TL will be required. Donors are free to exceed this amount.

4. Can several people come together and form a joint scholarship program?

Certainly. For instance, 'xxx School, Class of 1971' scholarship is appliable.

5. Is it possible to pay the donation once a year, instead of paying monthly?

Especially, scholarships for doctorate degrees and overseas can be set up this way. However, commitments below the annual limit will not be accepted.

6. Do I have to pay the full amount at once? How does the system work?

You can pay the amount you want to donate in 6 installments by using a credit card. Monthly bank receipts will be delivered to you after the scholarship is paid out to the account of the student you have selected.

7. Can I pay the minimum limit for a single student?

Yes, you can. Your donation can be given to one student or can be shared between a number of students. (minimum limit is 90.000 TL) . The total number does not have to be 10. However, the number of recipients and how much each will receive should be clearly specified on the scholarship information page.

8. Why do you require the donor to pay the full amount 6 months and pay the student in 12 months?

Current law requires that credit card payments (when paid as a donation) can be divided up to a maximum of 6 months. In case this rule changes, we will automatically adjust the schedule and accept 12 installments.

9. Can we pay scholarship directly to the students bank account?

No. Some donors decide to discontinue the scholarship in the middle of the academic year for various reasons and put the student in a tight spot. We would like to guarantee that at least one full year of scholarship will be available for all the students.

10. Is there any obligation to continue the donation the following year?

Of course not. However, donors usually want to continue supporting the student after seeing the sparkle on the recipients' faces.


1. You have to sign the website usage agreement. 

2. You have to fill out the private donor information form and complete documentations. 

3. You can contact us by clicking here.