Profile: Personal information and contact information of the applicant
Education: Formal educational stages and achievements and nonformal educations, certificates
Family: Family structure, education, financial status, number of siblings, real properties, health statuses etc.
Social: A series of open ended questions, prepared by career managers and psychologists, in order to know the applicants better and evaluate their objectives and expectations (Essay) In this part, it is aimed to evaluate future expectations of applicants, based upon their past experiences.
Scholarship: Information such as: Has the applicant got a scholarship before, or what other scholarship programs has the student applied?


Documents: Corroborative documents for the applicant to prove the information, filled in the form.
(e.g. rental contact for a applicant who claims living in a rented house) There are separate sections for documents such as transcript, certificate of identity register copy, achievement certificates and each document (PDF or image file) must be no larger than 2 MB.
If there are additional notes for documents, they can be written to the sections, under each document.
(e.g. I could not get my transcript from school, due to COVID-19 Pandemics)
Evaluators of the form, can reach the documents any time by clicking view uploaded documents.



Account Information: Current IBAN and bank account information of the applicant is here. If the scholarship giving institution is working with another bank, they can demand the applicant to open another bank account and update the information in this section.

Applicants can update their form, if admins of scholarship giving institution demand additional data or completion of a missing document.

Applicants are never forced to complete all the fields in the form. Many sections in the form are optional, but more information provided for evaluating institution executives, increases the chance of applicant to gain a scholarship. For further information.
Different application forms can be seen according to appealed scholarship type.