Application Form: This is the best way of expressing yourself to the donor. It should be filled out thoughtfully and with care. Mistakes and omitting some fields on the form may indicate the donor that you are not worthy of a scholarship and may result in a denial.

Help videos: Form is made up of separate sections. Each section has a video at the beginning which will show you how you will fill out that section step by step. It is a good idea to watch these short videos before filling out each section.

Changes: You can change the information entered in your forms any time and in any way you wish. You can add or delete information and documents or apply to scholarship programs you haven't selected before.

Profile : This part of the form has two sections. The first section consists of personal information and the second is for contact information. Filling this section carefully is important for contacting you by us or any of the scholarship providers. Some of the information you fill out will be cross checked by E-devlet so you will not be able to change such information. Adding your photo is a must.

Education: This section has several parts and the content in each of these these sections change depending on the kind of scholarship selected at the beginning. Primary and secondary education, middle school, high school, college, Master's degree, PhD, foreign language courses. special education. art, sports, certificate programs etc. You don't need to fill out all of these fields. In fact, only the relevant fiels will be offered to you when you make your choice. For instance, a student seeking a scholarship for a Master's degree will have to fill out only the fields on bachelor's and master's degrees.

Primary school applicants must include names of their parents or guardians.

Family information: This section asks for information on the family members of the applicant such as finances, health, marital status of the family member etc. If any of the family members are marked as deceased, relevant sections on that family member automatically close and not needed to be filled out.

Social status: It is important to fill out this section completely especially the essay part. This is the section where you have the highest chance to impress prospective donors. Avoid long and confusing sentences, be brief and to-the-point. Write with a simple, easy-to-understand style. You don't have to fill out all the sections but it is important to remember that you have competition and in order to get ahead of the crowd, you have to express yourself in the best way as possible.

Previous Scholarship information: This is where you can enter information on previous or current scholarships and programs you are interested in applying. Any misleading information you have entered in this section may cost you a potential scholarship program.

Documentation: You can upload the documents you have scanned or otherwise digitized in this section. Detailed information on where and how to obtain the necessary documents can be found in the link marked "obtaining the necessary documentation".

Banks: Banking information can be entered here. Some scholarship providers work with certain banks and require that you open an account with that particular bank during the course of the scholarship.