Every year, thousands of young people continue their education thanks to the scholarships provided by Well, what does giving scholarship mean? What is its aim? Who is the scholarship given to? How to give scholarship? We guess that these basic questions need answering to apprehend the whole process of giving scholarship. Let’s start.

What is a Scholarship?

In dictionary, the meaning of “scholarship” is: “Monthly money paid by the government or private institutions for a certain period of time for a student to continue her education or to increase her knowledge and experience.”

As understood from this meaning, scholarship needs continuity. The continuation of the educational life of the student receiving scholarship or applying for a scholarship depends on this continuity.
Scholarships may be provided by the government or by private organizations (associations and foundations).

Who is awarded a scholarship?

The criteria and prerequisites of the scholars are different. However, most of them have commonalities:
Such as requesting forensic registration on behalf of proof of clean record… Other than that, each foundation may have different methods. Scholarships may be granted in specific fields (eg Foreign Language Scholarship at, or scholarships may be offered to each student (eg Piggy Bank Scholarship at
Subjects such as age range, educational status, social and special conditions of the person receiving the scholarship are at the discretion of the foundation and the person / persons granting the scholarship. In platform, students choose and apply to these scholarships.

How to give scholarships?

’’ How can I give a scholarship? “ is one of the first questions that come to mind. First of all, we would like to state that even the idea of granting a scholarship is the first shoots of your contribution to the future. It is a great indication of goodwill.
First of all, you must choose whom / which group you want to grant a scholarship to. You may choose to provide scholarships to high school students, undergraduate, graduate or doctoral students. You can also help students who choose more specific areas and seek scholarships in these areas. For example; the Talent (Arts and Sports) Scholarship. This scholarship is an individual scholarship and it is a one-time financial support to the projects or works carried out by young people who are successful and have limited opportunities in the fields of culture, art and sports.

You can reach more detailed information on our website and contribute to the future of young people.