Searching for scholarship takes serious time and effort. You have to keep in mind that you have a lot of competitors and scholarships are scarce. You need to send in as many applications as possible in order to increase your chances.

1. Start your search very early: Being prepared well ahead of the application deadline gives you a great advantage. Find out as much information as possible about the scholarship providers that you are interested in, their requirements, conditions and necessary documents. Obtain the documentation in advance and upload them using our website.


2. You do not need to apply to every possible scholarship: Providers usually publish selection criteria for scholarships and these are listed in our website which you can easily follow. For example, if you are from the town of Malatya, do not waste time on applying to a program which seeks scholarship students from Adiyaman. Also check for some of the requirements for obtaining these scholarships such as being on the top 1000 on a national exam listing or studying in a certain field. Make sure that you satisfy these prerequisites before applying. Some providers will not grant you a scholarship even if you qualify because you are currently on another scholarship program.

3. Examine their requirements closely. Some providers have certain conditions before they grant a scholarship such as having to get employment for a certain period in that institution. Find out how repayments will be made in case of Kredi ve yurtlar Kurumu or similar institutions, what happens if you change your field of study, how to opt out, interest rates etc. Do not take unnecessary risks regarding your future and try to look ahead with a clear mind.

4. Student loans from banks. Certain banks have student loan programs which are very common overseas. These banks may require guarantors or collateral before granting scholarships. You need to read carefully and understand all the conditions and requirements for such programs. Kredi ve Yurtlar Kurumu has such programs.

5. Self-evaluation. How many people have applied to the program in the past? Are you the candidate they are looking for? What percentage of the applicants have the chance to obtain a scholarship? Do any of them have precedence or preferred above others? (Such as children of martyrs or teachers etc.). Do you have any qualities that set you apart such as a high degree of academic success, being from a certain city or town, social and artistic tendencies, talent for sports etc.

6. Get organized. Prepare all the relevant documents regarding your family's financial situation, personal references, certificates, awards and similar paperwork. Prepare more than one letter of recommendation if possible. If you are applying for a program based on abilities prepare for the interview in advance.

7. Make a budget: Plan your education and consult your family during the process. Consider additional income you may get for doing extra work during summer months. Do not try to get more than what you need. A scholarship is not a way of making money. It is help for continuing your education when you need it.

8. Do not miss deadlines. Do not leave everything to the last minute. Fill out the application before hand. will immediately submit your completed application on the first and earliest available date as a priority. Try to seek help while filling out the forms or if you have any questions or concerns. If you are submitting applications using other means than, make sure that the documents are properly signed and dated. Be honest while filling out the application.

9. Always make copies of eveything you send in. Remember that documents can get misplaced or get lost in the mail. If you are filling out forms online, make copies or screen images on your computer. Check to make sure that your documents have been delivered to the correct address.

10. Naturally, every applicant will not receive a scholarship. If you are rejected and want to reapply to the same program, find out where you have made mistakes. Do not become demoralized if you fail due to high demand to a particular program. Life is always a struggle. Remember that if you don't convince and satisfy a provider, you will not be receiving a scholarship.