One institution can have more than one type of scholarship. To manage this, each type of scholarship should have been defined separately, so applicants can choose which scholarship to apply.


Admins can see all the scholarships on the same screen.
They can see all the scholarships of that institution by clicking down arrow at Scholarship / Application date (Arrow no. 1) segment, that is how they can see the application, they want to examine. They can also list all the applications for that scholarship by clicking the magnifying glass button on the right side of the page.

It is possible to use multiple filters at a time and sort your selections.
e.g. If you choose Female from gender section, after choosing Foreign Language scholarship, you can filter the female applicants, who applied for the Foreign Language Scholarship.

(Arrow no. 2) Shows the date, the applicant applied for the scholarship
(Arrow no. 3) Sorting = States the sorting options (Explained in detail below)

(Arrow no. 4) Show = By clicking this button, you can open the form and see all the details of the youngster you listed.
(Arrow no. 5) = Is used for monitoring the scholar after being selected for the scholarship, or for admins to write their opinions at the scholarship selection phase.

Screening the Expired Applicants (Arrow no. 2 in the image below)

Scholarship applications made on are valid for 360 days.

When you open the admin panel, Valid appears as defaults. (Applications made in the last 360 days)

You can see the applicants from previous years, you can list them by choosing Expired and clicking the magnifying glass button on the right side.
(Arrow no. 3) is for saving the admin points you give.

Başvuruları Sıralama

You can sort all your selections according to points or application ID. The applications, that have the same amount of points are sorted by application ID.

Table can be sorted from A to Z, or Z to A.
A - lowest
Z - highest

Reviewer points states sorting according to points, given by admins.
Total points equals system points plus reviewer points
You can also sort the forms, according to application date.


Query according to Name, Birth place and Phone number:

You can be looking for any application form. Sorting methods by name, birth place, e-mail and phone are same. If you do not know the exact spelling, you have to use (*) mark.


Query Explanation Conclusion
ay* starting with (ay) ayşe, aylin, aysu..
*ay* comprises (ay) ayşe, koray, saynur..
*ay ends with (ay) koray, doğanay, sonay..
*an* comprises (an) ankara, alanya, palandöken..

Note: You can use Turkish letters (ç, ğ, ö, ş, ü etc.) and uppercase or lowercase letters. In the birth place section, many applicants writes down the county or village they were born in, instead of the city.