1. Log in from an admin account and click Institution Login.
2. Click Applications, upper left the page. Then you will be able to see all applications. (Arrow no. 1)


3. Applications, marked with (arrow no. 2) are for interrogating and sorting.
The applications can be filtered according to application ID, name, birth place, gender, application date, scholarship type or status. (e.g. if you write "Mardin" to birth place and "Female" to gender, and click the magnifying glass (arrow no. 3) on the right side of the line, then you will only see females from Mardin.)
NOTE: If the applicant writes the name of the county or village, instead of writing Mardin. the applicant would have been filtered out.

4. (Arrow no 4) shows which page you are on, One can also visit other pages.
NOTE::Each page contains 10 applications.
Admins can examine the application forms, give admin points and resort them.