Hayalime Ortak Ol Association Support to Education Grant

About Scholarship


● The scholarship, supplied by the Association, is towards students, who continue their education in formal educational institutions.
● Students from formal educational institutions can apply for the scholarship; if they match the criterias listed below:
*** Studying in high school (1., 2., 3. or 4. classes) or university (preparation class, 1. or 2. classes)
*** Having a minimum GPA of 75 out of 100, or 3 out of 4. (If the student is a freshman at high school, a preparation student at university or a freshman at a university without a preparation class, as of the day of application; their latest yearly GPA will be evaluated.)
*** Having no criminal record.


The Education Grant, supplied by Hayalime Ortak Ol Association, is provided to promote equal opportunities in education, sports and art. The scholarship is given towards students, who continue their education in formal educational institutions, both from Turkey and abroad.


1. Up-to-date student certificate
2. Transcript or school report, that features grades from the last year
3. Copy of the birth certificate
4. YKS exam result (For students in the first year of university)
5. LGS exam result (For students in the first year of high school)
6. Criminal record
7. Certificate of family identity register copy
8. Rental contract or deed of real estate for family house (Rental contract, if the family of the student lives in a rented house; deed of real estate, if they live in a house of their own; formal letter, signed by the neighborhood representative, if they live free of rent at the place of a relative or such undocumented situations. A bank receipt, with "rent" written on the explanation part; or a printed document, showing bank transactions, on which the related part is marked must be added.)
9. Declarations of movable and immovable property for both the mother and the father, taken from e-government portal
*** Declaration of movable property can be taken from Vehicle Registered Under My Name Inquiry screen on Security Directorate page of e-government portal. (Screenshots with clearly seen names are accepted.)
*** Declaration of immovable property can be taken from Property Deeds Inquiry screen on Land Registry and Cadastre page of e-government portal. (Screenshots with clearly seen names are accepted. If there is a vineyard, orchard, field, parcel etc. valuation document is needed. (Article 17 is compulsory.))
10. Document, if the parents are divorced
11. Salary rolls of the parents, showing last three months, and summarized SSI 4A/4B/4C schemes, showing last six months, taken from e-government portal
12. Income certificate declarations of semp-employeds (Can be taken from www.gib.gov.tr web address.)
13. Document, showing monthly salary, for retirees (Can be taken from e-government portal. Certified salary roll must be added for parents, who works actively besides being retired.)
14. For nonearning parents, who are also unemployed, document showing he/she has no record on Social Security Institution (4A/4B/4C service schemes and social security certificate of enrollment) (Can be taken from e-government portal. After signing in into the portal you can follow the following steps: SSI Registration and Service Scheme-Service Scheme Type-Social Security Certificate of Enrolment)
15. Poverty (destituteness) certificate for students, who are not able to submit documents, related to the family
16. If the income of the family comes from agriculture, agricultural income certificate; if the family are farmers, income statement from Chamber of Agriculture; and document showing how many decares of land is held
17. Valuation certificate for applicants who has immovable assets on the declaration of property, taken from relevant municipality (Needed if there is a house, field, vineyard, orchard etc. on the declaration of immovable property. (Article 9))
18. Settlement and other address certificate, that shows the place where the family resides (Can be taken from e-government portal.) (This certificate is not obligatory, if there is address information on the Birth Certificate.)
Correctness of information, stated in these certificates demanded, will be interrogated by the Association in order to evaluate the academic success of the student and find out if the student meets the qualifications, defined by the Association. Applications of the applicants, that does not give exact information, will not be accepted.
If any of the necessary documents is missing, the documents are not sent in time and/or they conflict with the application form; the scholar fails to benefit from the scholarship. The Association has the right to demand any extra document, if needed.

● The student, that applies to the scholarship, is demanded to:
*** have an aim to reach a target in education, sports or arts,
*** aim concretely for the target, have road map for it,
*** be evaluated positively on the interview,
*** have high communication skills,
*** become a part of voluntary works such as social responsibility projects/student society etc.

Scholarship applications are examined by Hayalime Ortak Ol Association Board of Directors, in terms of documents rendered, application and scholarship appropriation criterias. After the application process has ended, the results are announced via communication addresses of the students, entitled for the scholarship, that are indicated during application, in approximately 2 months. The application process is operated as below:

● The number of new scholars is determined by Hayalime Ortak Ol Association Board of Directors, for each year.
● Online interviews are made with quadruple of the determined number of new scholars. Hayalime Ortak Ol Association Board of Directors chooses the students to join these online interviews, according to eligibility criterias.
● Prospective scholars, chosen by the Board, are informed via e-mail/telephone before the interview, and a form, with questions determined by the Board of Directors, is sent to them to fill.
● The interviews are made with students, who fill the form in full and on time.
● The applications of applicants are not received for consideration, if they present documents lately, deficiently or deceitfully.
● Students are reevaluated in terms of "Scholarship Appropriation Criterias" during online interviews with association supervisors.
● The result of online interview wtih association supervisors is shared with the Board of Directors. Board of Directors clarifies the final list, in line with relevant evaluation.
● Students entitled to the scholarship are informed via e-mail/telephone.
● Students entitled to the scholarship are supposed to send the Tuition Assistance Scholarship Student Contract and Student Code of Conduct with wet-ink signature, and original versions of the documents, demanded for application, to the associaton centre, within the determinated date range.
● Board of Directors has the right to demand any extra document, if needed.
● Scholars are liable to send documents, demanded by the Association, such as up-to-date student certificate, transcript and SSI service scheme, on time and in full, at the start of every education period.

● In case the student is chosen as a scholar by the Association; the scholarship starts on September and ends on May for the relevant year of study.
● The scholarships are deposited into the bank accounts, that are declared by the scholars, on the 15th of each month from September to May. (for 9 months)
● Entitled students, keep on receiving the scholarship, during the normal period of study of their education level (high school or university), as long as they meet the scholarship criterias.
● The scholarship ends, if the expected period of study exceeds.
● Association Board of Directors has the right to cancel the scholarship, if the scholar enacts an inappropriate behavior.

● Scholarship amounts, provided by Hayalime Ortak Ol Association Board of Directors, are listed below, as of 2023:
*** 300.-TL for high school students
*** 600.-TL for university students
● This scholarship amount is determined each year by the Board of Directors. The Board has full authority for increasing or decreasing the amount.

Students, entitled to the association scholarship, are evaluated at the end of each education period by the Board of Directors, according to 4 articles listed below. As a result of this evaluation, a decision is taken for the scholarship to continue or to be finalized. Efficient topics for this decision are:
● Having a minimum GPA of 50 out of 100, or 2 out of 4.
● Participating in minimum %50 of the association activities.
● Taking concrete steps towards dreams and targets, indicated in the application process.
● Making a healthy contact with the Association, via written-oral-digital channels.
In addition to articles above, there are some other topics effecting the continuity. These are listed below:
● In case students, entitled to the scholarship, exceeds the normal period of study of their education level (high school or university) the scholarship will be canceled.
● Association Board of Directors cancels the scholarship, if the scholar enacts an inappropriate behavior.
● The scholarship ends, if any of the information or documents is detected to be incorrect or deceptive.

● Scholarship of scholars, who work part-time or full-time for an insured job, is freezed for the months the scholar works.
● Scholars, who start working for an insured job, are liable at informing the Association via an e-mail, until the 10th of the month of employment.
If the Association is not informed about the employment (part-time or full-time) within the time specified, and this discommodity is detected by Hayalime Ortak Ol Association, the student is discharged with the Association.
● Scholars, whose scholarships are frozen, are liable at informing the Association via an e-mail, until the 10th of the month, if they leave the job. Scholarships for that month of scholars, who inform the Association within the time specified, will be deposited. If the scholar informs the Association after 10th of the month, the scholarship will be deposited as from following month.
● Scholars, whose scholarships are frozen, keep on being a student of Hayalime Ortak Ol Association and will be able to attend events under the topics of social development programmes, psychological counseling and guidence, career network and social activities. (Freezing the scholarship does not mean the same as being discharged.)
● Cases of insured employment and notiying stated above are not valid between dates 1 June and 31 August.

● Maximum one student from a family can benefit from the association scholarship.
● During the scholarship process and if the scholarship is frozen, the student is liable to pull his/her weight for responsibilities; participating in association activities, academic success, healthy communication with the Association and taking concrete steps towards the targets.
● Scholars are responsible for informing the association supervisor about changes in school, residential address, e-mail address, phone number, IBAN number etc.
● Hayalime Ortak Ol Association Board of Directors has the rights to make changes on scholarship regulations.