Format Issue:
In the Documents section, files with extensions such as .pdf, .jpg, .tiff, .png and .bmp are accepted. If you are trying to upload a file with a different extension, you have to convert your file before uploading. For this, you can open your file with a simple program, like Paint or Paintbrush, then save as another format; or you can use free online converters on the internet.

Size Issue:
In the Documents section, it is possible to upload files, sized up to 2 MB, to each field. If the file, you are trying to upload, is larger than 2 MB, you need to resize it.
Resizing Your File
- You can open the image in Paint and use the "Resize" option.
- You can reduce the size of the image by compressing on a free site like
- Search for “resizer image” on Google and you will find hundreds of free image editor programs.
* When you resize your documents, make sure that the picture is understandable before uploading it to the site.

Uploading Multiple Files:
We prefer having a single file for each allocated area. That is why, to upload a two-sided document, you need to compound the images into a single file.
- You can put them together, using any image editor.
- You can combine them in PDF file.

Upload Your Documents to the Correct Field:
It is essential for people, who are going to evaluate your application and decide on your scholarship, to be able to access the files you upload easily.. So, be sure that you upload the file to the correct field. Otherwise, your application will be evaluated as an application with incomplete documentation.

Make a Statement About the Documents:
If you need to make a statement about the document you have uploaded, use the explanation box under each relevant field..
For example: My grades in the transcript are very low because ...

Making a Statement About the Documents You Have Not Uploaded:
When you fill out the form, all your documents may not be ready. You can provide information about your missing documents by using the explanation box under your document. When you receive the documents, you can upload them any time.