Bursverenler.org is a platform, aims to combine scholarship seekers and scholarship giving persons and institutions. In accordance with protection of personal data approach, we are obliged to provide data security for both parties. That is why, we decided to prevent users to delete their own datas with a button. Instead of that, data deleting process is controlled by admin. With this control both datas and memberships are deleted permanently.

Scholarship Seekers:
Some scholarship seekers, naturally continues seeking for a scholarship program from other foundations and associations, after being awarded with a scholarship via system. In regulations of some of these institutions, there is a specification about not accepting scholars, that receives a scholarship from another institution. A scholar, who deletes his/her own data from bursverenler.org, makes resources of the scholarship giving institution seem like it is being given to an imaginary person, and that is against principle of accountability. That is why, the member is first checked by admin for if the member receives a scholarship or not, then data of scholarship seeker is deleted permanently with the cancellation of the membership. To cancel the membership and delete your data PLEASE CLICK HERE>>

Scholarship Giving Persons and Institutions:
Scholarship giving persons and institutions are not obliged to continue give scholarship for sure. However, cancellation of membership and deleting data is done under the control of bursverenler.org, in order to prevent a scholarship to be left half finished, in the condition that deleting of data unrestrainedly, and to protect datas of scholarship seekers, that are shared with persons and institutions. Another point is protection of scholars' data security, in case a staff member leaves the company or is deauthorized. To update scholarship givers' data PLEASE CLICK HERE>>