bursverenler.org powered by Yücel Cultural Foundation, which informs donors,  how to use the donation efficiently for their purposes 

*To obtain information about the Board of Directors and executives and expect the executives to perform their duties prudently,

*Access to current financial information,

*To assure that the donation will be used in accordance with the purpose of the donation

*A proper thanks for donation

*To request confidentiality of donations in accordance with the law,

*To request that all the employees representing the institution have all professional relationships with them.

*To know whether someone who wants a donation is a volunteer, a worker, or an outsider only

*If the contact information will be shared with someone else, 

*Asking questions during the donation, and quick, right and clear answers are the right to receive. 

As Yucel Cultural Foundation, we believe that donation is a voluntary act, and that giving and sharing increase our quality of life. We support that the donor shoud be able to follow their donations transparently and reliably. We acknowledge that all donors have the above rights.