Piggy Bank Scholarships

About Scholarship

The Piggy Bank Scholarship is the financial support given to the education by turning small grants into scholarships in a piggy bank. Whenever a total of 5.000TL is accumulated in the piggy bank,a student will have scholarship for 10 months as 500 TL per month.

1. Does this scholarship have an application period or deadline?
No , you can be apply at any time of the year, because this scholarship is given as money is accumulated in the piggy bank.
If the scholarship does not appear within 360 days, you must reapply.

2. Who decides who will be awarded to scholarship?
The person who made the most donations during the period of accumulation in the piggy bank is asked to choose a participant among those who apply for this scholarship. If he does not use this right, the award is assigned to the first participant  who receives the highest assessment score by the system.