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About Scholarship

Choir Achievement Grant

This scholarship is given to the people who have been chosen as a chorist for a choir in MAGMA & Bogazici Jazz Choir Family. It is open for all participants. Yet, this scholarship is individual and only given to people who are successful at auditions and prove their lack of financial opportunities.

Who can apply? How to apply?

There is no deadline for the grant. One can apply anytime s/he wants. These applications will be taken into consideration during the choir auditions and results will be given as soon as possible.

The application, first of all, is examined in scholarship committee of MAGMA. After necessary investigations, it is discussed in the meeting of MAGMA Executive Committee.

One does not have to be a student. Only requirement is to have applied to Choir Auditions during the scholarship application process.

The one who wants to apply this scholarship must fill the form in “Special Talent Scholarship” under “The Educational Status” after choosing the “Talent (Art-Sports) Scholarship”. The awards, certificates, transcriptions, reference letters, videos, portfolio and academic materials which show success of the person should be uploaded to the system. Petitions and other documents can be uploaded to “DOCUMENTS” in “”. In addition, a detailed explanation of why the choir for which support is sought is required should be explained in the application form.

The applications are accepted through the website The personal data shared in the application will only be used by the persons concerned for the most accurate evaluation of your request. It is forbidden to use or share with third parties for any reason other than the stated purpose.

How many people can apply?

The Choir Achievement Grant covers as many people as the number of choruses decided by the sound needs of the choirs and the evaluation of the board of directors for that period. It varies according to choirs and seasons.

How long does it last? How is the amount determined?
The Choir Achievement Grant covers one semester of the applied chorus. The Board of Directors of MAGMA has the discretion to cover the whole amount of the support requested by the applicant, or extend the duration of the support provided.

Evaluation Process
Applications are investigated by the Board of Directors of Yücel Culture Foundation and MAGMA & Boğaziçi Jazz Choir Family; according to the degree of need of the applicant and the suitability of the choirs for their needs. For the scholars who are in first season of the choir, their success in auditions, the repertoire of the related season and vocal range will be taken into consideration while musical success, dedication, continuity and social coordination will be important in the case of the scholars who are already in the choir for more than one season. The last decision on confirmation of the scholarship belongs to the Executive Committee of MAGMA & Bogazici Jazz Choir.