Yücel Kültür Vakfı Foreign Language Scholarships

About Scholarship



APPLICATION DATES: Every Day of the Year


Foreign Language Scholarship results will be anounced online on September 1st each year.

How does it work? 

Yucel Cultural Foundation has cooperations and discounts from many Language schools. Students who are entitled to a foreign language scholarship receive the great part of their course fee as form of a scholarship paid by the YKV. Each time you finish a level successfully the amount that you have to pay yourself diminishes. Scholarship covers A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2 levels and Scholars, are free to chose any linguistic institute.

The selected candidates and the linguistic institutes are informed of the positive evaluation of scholarship applications. Candidates, then, register and start following classes. Scholars are required to go to at least 60% of the classes. If this obligation is not respected, then they are required to return the scholarship. Abstention due to medical reasons is not part of the above obligation.

Please check the article (11.e) in scholarship regulation!

Who can apply?

It is not required to be a university student in order to apply for this scholarship. Everyone between the ages 18 – 26 are eligible. (including the ones who have criminal records.)

Once a candidate is selected for this scholarship, (s)he can continue until the desired level with the condition that (s)he fulfills the minimum required grade at the end of each level. Scholars can not change assigned foreign Language.In this sense, our foreign language scholarships are not accorded on yearly basis or on specific level.

How to apply?

We do accept applications only from www.bursverenler.org . so follow the instructions of mentioned website.In order to have fast feedback we require candidates follow the membership procedure on our website via clicking 'register' button. The results will be published on Yücel Cultural Foundation's website as master and waiting list.

Applications for Foreign Language Scholarship are valid for one full year. The scholar is chosen between active applications, if the quota is upgraded, within the year.

What are the requested documents?

Required Documents in case of getting scholarship (compulsory, and variant for every candidate)

YCF will contact you via e-mail and request for the needed documents.

What is the amout of scolarship, and when is it paid?

For each level (A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2) it is paid 500TL by YCF.It is paid at the end of course after receiving invoice .

The exceeded amount requested by instutions will be covered by scholars

Yucel Cultural Foundation increases the scholarship amount to 600 TL if the student passes an upper course with a success of 80% or more.Thus, the success of the scholars are encouraged..

Can a linguistic institution make a contract with a foundation?

The institutions providing language education can make a contract with Yücel Cultural Foundation and guarantee the payment at the end of the course.

At the end of each level, the institutions are expected to:

1. Continuation and success report of the student

2. Information on whether or not to proceed with an upper draw with the invoice

  a. Contract Sample

  b. Continued Success Report example

NOTE: Some institutions make discount campaigns, asking for prepayment from their students in advance. If the student exceptionally chooses such an institution . The above-mentioned report of success and attendance is sent to the TCF by institution. The scholarship fee can be paid to the student's Bank account.